Brev om ”Food Village”

Från: Lars Nordberg

Skickat: den 2 november 2015 15:27

Till: 'info@foodstockholm.se'

Ämne: Food Village



It is rather preposterous to name a new joint in Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden, where Swedish is the national language,  FOOD VILLAGE, as though Swedish is not good enough in Sweden. That is really to belittle the uniqueness and intrinsic value of Stockholm and Sweden which attract visitors and guests from far away realms just because it is Stockholm, Sweden. We expect Stockholm to be a mainly Swedish-speaking city with an attractive international, multilingual  outreach. To insert  some words in English in promotional texts and names  defeats the  purpose by showing an embarrassing  lack of visible independence and pride. Actually, it reflects some shaky  provincialism—assumedly contrary to the intentions of the commercial market actors. The foremost tool for successful communication is a proper language; if misused it loses its edge. The on-going development is very depressing to many of us and may lead to the eventual obliteration of the unique Swedish character as reflected in the language.

However, many unassuming people are most likely incapable of understanding the full implications of this linguistic deterioration. That is how intellectual quality is eroded, step by step.


Lars Nordberg

Multilingual observer

I drafted this message in English to facilitate your timely understanding of it since you seem to prefer that language.